Free IRATA refresher training

Thankfully, things seem to be getting back to normal here in Australia. We realise that many of our customers have been stood down during the COVID restrictions, and we’d like to help get everyone ready for the return to work. We are waiving our usual fee for 1/2 day and full day refresher training, and will be offering regular refresher sessions for the next few weeks in order that you can be work ready and up to speed…..

Working on ropes requires that you be confident about the selection and use of the equipment – the top of a 20 storey building is no place to be guessing which rope protector to use, or trying to remember how to thread a descender! Whether you are a Level 1 wanting to brush up existing skills and maybe try some Level 2 rescues, or if you are a Level 3 and want to share some ideas with David and the team, you are invited to take advantage of High Q’s FREE REFRESHER TRAINING.

Contact David by email or telephone 0732550522 to book a space. We will be limiting numbers for each session to comply with our existing COVID management plan, so it’s essential that you contact David to book a space. Email or telephone 0732550522 for details of dates and times.