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Our staff have been delivering quality training since 1997

Rope Access is a form of work positioning, initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving, which allow workers to access difficult to reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or a work platform.

Rope access provides a safe and efficient way of getting to hard to access places whether it be the top of a chimney, the side of an high rise building or the underneath of an oil rig. The IRATA rope access (link) qualification scheme offers qualifications that are recognised internationally, with over 50,000 qualified technicians.

Why train with the rest – just train with the best!

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 The revised Training & Certification Scheme (TACS) came into effect in 2023. Please see the IRATA website to view the full document 

  • IRATA levels 1 ~ 3
  • Why choose High Q for your training?
    • We are Australia’s first fully air-conditioned training facility. Its cool!
    • If anyone fails on our course, we don’t charge for them to come back and do it again
    • We provide demonstration videos prior to attending the course for familiarisation
    • We hold courses at least every 2 weeks, so returning from a fail is quick and easy
    • Tailored training offering ensures best value IRATA in Queensland.
    • Our instructors are professionals, not just level 3’s with little to no training experience
    • Some of our instructors are assessors also, which helps preparation of all candidates for the test

Training guarantee

The Irata training week and the 3rd party assessment are rigourous and tough, and whilst we are proud of high pass rates, we understand that it is possible for anyone to fail on the day. So, if you don’t pass your assessment, or choose not to assess at the end of the week, then we provide another course for free.

Our people

Our training programme is run by fully qualified Irata instructors with a wealth of industry and training experience. SO, you know that when you come to High Q, you are getting instruction from training professionals, not just level 3’s off a worksite.  High Q directors Karl Raby, a former IRATA Chairman, an IRATA Executive member, is both Irata Assessor and Auditor and have been in the industry for 25 years. His experience as an Assessor and instructor helps greatly when it comes to understand current best practice across the globe, and whilst serving on IRATA committees, Karl has contributed to the development of the IRATA Training Certification Scheme.

We provide regular scheduled courses for the internationally recognized IRATA levels 1-3 at our dedicated training facility. As per IRATA requirements, assessments are performed by external, independently certified assessors. Our training staff are Cert IV qualified, a prerequisite for delivery of quality training in Australia.

Through our experiences in delivering training in Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, the UK and the Middle East, we also offer courses at off-site venues tailored to meet client requirements.

On successful completion and registration following an IRATA training course, the trainee will receive an IRATA logbook, identification card and certificate which are recognised around the world.   When booking the IRATA course, check out the heavily discounted 'Work safely at heights' and 'Provide first aid' courses with the price options.

IRATA is the globally accepted standard for rope access courtesy of an exemplary safety record that spans more than 30 years.

Important notice to all IRATA technicians

Log books must be completed and signed off prior to undertaking re-certifications or upgrades. Letters from employers etc. will no longer be regarded as proof of hours. Please see the notice that stipulates the timeline for this to be enforced. Contact High Q for more information or contact IRATA if you need to reorder a logbook.