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New Building Construction

Rope access anchor systems are a commonly accepted replacement for traditional Building Maintenance Units. Rope access anchor systems provide significant cost savings; both in terms of installation and ongoing maintenance, Rope access also provides building designers with more flexibility to use unusual and non-standard shapes as overhangs and recessed areas which would be prohibitively expensive to reach with a BMU are easily reached using rope access methods.

High Q have an impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects for a wide range of blue chip Building, Engineering and Architectural companies.

Signage including neon sky signs are a feature of many highrise buildings, and High Q’s track record of installing complex signage to prominent city buildings is on record; ANZ, Suncorp Metway, Cromwell, Sofitel, Hilton, Grand Mercure and ASX are some of the many clients for whom High Q have installed skysigns in CBD locations. High Q have also installed a wide range of lower level solid signs at shopping centres and cinemas, including Brisbane’s Myer Centre, Treasury Casino, and Birch Carroll and Coyle cinemas throughout Queensland.

Rope access techniques are also regularly employed to complete tasks on new buildings where the deployment of scaffold is impractical or else where the scaffold needs to be removed to ensure timely completion. This can range from patch painting and sealant work to electrical installations.

Existing Building Works

High Q provide inspection and structural surveys to a wide range of clients. The inspection may be a stock condition inspection, used to ascertain the general condition of a building or structure and to highlight any potential or existing problems; a point of problem inspection which concentrates on a particular existing problem or a baseline inspection to establish the build standard of a particular structure in great detail, providing data against which future checks can be made.

Many retrofit installations and remedial maintenance tasks have been successfully undertaken by High Q on existing buildings and structures. A common aspect to many of these tasks is the requirement for minimum impact on working facilities, and High Q have completed many major works whilst causing a minimum of disruption to the client. These include concrete maintenance and repair works, signage installation and maintenance, painting and cleaning, roof repair and replacement and the installation of access systems.