What is IRATA? 

IRATA the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association is the peak industry body, with almost 100 member companies worldwide, IRATA continually sets the industry standards. Since its formation IRATA and its member companies, have worked assiduously to ensure the highest levels of safety in the industry through production of an industry standard set of guidelines and training requirements.

– provide a comprehensive audit process for member companies

– provision of a comprehensive assessment and registration process for operatives.

The safe-working, best practice ethic of IRATA member companies that results in the delivery of the safest of all work at height procedures stems not only from the highly trained and skilful technicians undertaking the work and the fact that they each have to re-train and be re-assessed regularly, but also from the fact that the IRATA company applies the same rigorous safety culture to its administration of its rope access activities and is itself regularly independently audited on behalf of the Association.

Those wanting to be sure they are associating with an IRATA member company can ask for sight of its Unique Membership Number or check the list of members on



If you are an existing rope access company and would like to become an IRATA Operator or Trainer member company, High Q can assist. Our vast experience as one of the foundation members of IRATA here in Australia provides ample knowledge & experience of what’s required to become a member company and also to maintain …

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